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International Symposium 2013: Thyroid cancer, skin melanoma, paliative care, Serbian guidelines for breast cancer and special lectures

Symposium themes

  • Thyroid cancer
  • Skin melanoma
  • Paliative care in oncology
  • Breast cancer: Serbian Guidelines
  • Special lectures

Serbian society of surgical oncology (SSSO) is a member of World Federation of Surgical Oncology Societies (WFSOS), and also a member of European society of surgical oncology (ESSO) since 2012. The mortality of malignant diseases is equal to the mortality of cardiovascular diseases. The main goal and purpose of our society is continuous education in the field of surgical oncology of solid malignant tumors keeping multidisciplinary approach. Well trained and educated surgeon has a key role within multidisciplinary committee in which informed patient is in focus of our interest.

We selected a topic thyroid carcinoma because its incidence is rising and surgical treatment, although not the only modality is the most important one. If the surgery is not adequately and timely performed, the chance for cure is significantly decreased.

Breast carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor in female population and we wanted to promote once again “The Guidelines of good clinical practice for diagnostics and treatment of breast carcinoma” that we have completed last year. Reason more for such a promotion is the beginning of National screening program for breast carcinoma organized by the Serbian ministry of health.

We have chosen skin melanoma as a way to express our unselfish support for creation of National guidelines for diagnostics and treatment of skin melanoma. The palliative care of cancer patients, malnutrition in oncology and reconstructive surgery are also included to help the quality of life of cancer patients. The thyroid carcinoma in children after Chernobyl accident and modification of thyroid cancer profile in the last 20 years in a Romanian region are also included in our symposium and will announce our future symposium organized in cooperation with WFSOS

This April symposium was organized in cooperation with WFSOS, Academy of medical science of the Serbian Medical Association and Medical School of Belgrade. We have tried to select the best lecturers and experts in every field. We are looking forward to see you in great number. This symposium was intended to suite the needs not only of experts in oncology, but also general practitioners, residents in general surgery, medical students and our dear associates, nurses and medical technicians.


Symposium, with decision of the Health Council of Serbia, No. A-1-556/13, got 13 points for speakers and 7 points for passive participants. It was intended for physicians, nurses and medical technicians.

The Scientific Board

  • prof. dr Radan Džodić
  • prof. dr Igor V. Reshetov
  • prof. dr Akira Miyauchi
  • prof. dr Anatoly F. Romanchishen
  • prof. dr Valerio Parisi
  • Academician prof. emeritus dr Branimir Gudurić

The Organising Board

  • prof. dr Radan Džodić// president
  • prof. dr Igor V. Reshetov
  • Marina Mosesova
  • doc. Dr sc. med. dr Ivan Marković// general secretary
  • ass. Mr sc. med. dr Marko Buta// secretary
  • dr Igor Đurišić// treasury

List of held lectures

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